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The first step in ensuring a successful engineering project is obtaining a quality geotechnical evaluation of the site. Our team of experienced field personnel and Licensed Professional Engineers offers the value-added expertise critical to the successful design and construction of any project. We can identify critical geotechnical and geologic site features to evaluate the viability of a proposed site for development. We then outline and implement a preliminary geotechnical exploration program to simplify project planning.

QCQA Labs Geotechnical Services tailors a subsurface exploration program specific to your project. Being involved from the beginning ensues that a thorough soil profile is gathered in a precise and cost-efficient manner. Our experienced field personnel give you the confidence that accurate information is obtained.

A variety of field data can be collect from soil boring and rock coring to standard penetration testing, Shelby tube sampling, down-hole vane shear testing, and electrical resistivity testing. QCQA's all-terrain drilling capability lets us navigate steep ground and negotiate obstacles to access just about any boring locations.

Soil and rock samples recovered from the subsurface exploration program are subjected to a variety of laboratory tests through our In-House lab. QCQA maintains a state-of-the-art laboratory with the latest equipment utilized by a well-trained and certified staff. QCQA Labs is accredited through AASHTO (Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials). Engineering services are provided by QCQA Engineering Services, P.C.